05 bollywood celebs & their famous Ngos

Bollywood has never failed to lend out help to those in need. Some of these celebs have adopted philanthropy permanently. Let's find out who are these celebs & how are they lending help.

being human foundation

Founder: Salman Khan 

Established in 2007 for the welfare of underprivileged children through through the funds generated by the sale of Being-Human branded merchandise. 

Yolo community foundation

Founder: Jacqueline Fernandez

Yolo Community provides monetary support like scholarships, awards & sponsorships to individuals for educational purposes. 

Co exist

Founder: Alia Bhatt

CoExist is an ecological initiative to highlight animal & ecological welfare. This initiative encourages people to take care of the stray animals & co-exist with them. 

live laugh love foundation

Founder: Deepika Padukone 

The NGO's aim is to create awareness & reduce the shame associated with how people view depression and other mental health problems. 

meer foundation

Founder: Shahrukh Khan 

This foundation provides support to acid attack victims, focuses on their rehabilitation & surgeries, & work for women's empowerment. 

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