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5 Real Life Stories of Bad Karmic Experiences

1. Joseph stalin's death

Joseph Stalin accused Jewish doctors of being assassins & later no doctor helped him due to fear of being accused of assassination. Karma!

2. Mom You Too?

In 2012, a mother put her son's toys up for auction on eBay along with upsetting pictures, leading to fraudulent bids & an Encyclopedia Dramatica article branding her a horrible mom. 

3. Never mess with a coworker

Jessica was purposely put on medical leave & sent to psych ward by her supervisor. Later, she filed & won a human rights case, clearing her image & firing her supervisor. 

4. Greedy Government 

Indonesia attempted to expand the palm oil industry by cutting down rain forests and burning peatland, causing a thick cloud smoke that caused respiratory issues & deaths.

5. Troll getting trolled 

Nimrod Severn, an internet troll, responded to the BBC documentary by using abusive words. Later, his real name and address were exposed, leading to an outpouring of hate. 

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